Prizes Redrawn & A HUGE Thank You

Good Morning.  Today I have redrawn unclaimed prizes.  These new winners haev 14 days to claim their prizes then that will be the end of the raffle.  Sadly I cannot give anymore time to keep redrawing prizes.  So please please please make sure you claim your prize if you are in the list below.  I will email you all today to let you know & for you to confirm your postal address.


A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to everyone involved, I appreciate everyones efforts and involvement.  What started as a little idea became a great big huge effort to help everyone affected by the riots.  From the bottom of my heart Thank You.


So here are the new winners of the unclaimed prizes.

Photoshoot – Isa Maria Semingea

Duvet & Quilt – Zoe Brown

Jam Gift Set – Hayley Wells

Fabric Storage Box – Sarah Wheatley

Circle Brooch – Rosy Silverson

Personalised Card – Marna Lunt

Vintage trailer Bauble – Sophie Howarth

Selection of Greetings Cards – Julie Robertson

Pink Filigree Ring – Victoria Loxton


Now I am panicking that I have doubled up and prizes haev been sent, but according to my admin system these prizes were unclaimed.  The photoshoot had to be redrawn due to the winner relocating.

If you are still waiting to hear from the winner of your prize please get in touch & I will double check. Thanks

Prizes lost in the list

I am so sorry but having checked through the prize allocation there are six prizes that have not yet been drawn.  I also want to appologise to the lovely designers who donated these prizes.

Set of Family Aprons – donated by Three Blonde Bears – winner is Helen Foers

Framed Print – donated by Bonnie Blackbird – winner is Laura Smith

Necklace – donated by Sirenmoonbee – winner is Victoria Fear

Sassy Keepsake Box – donated by Dottie Designs – winner is Claire Yuille

Flump Kit – donated by Gift Horse Knits – winner is Becky Peabody

Pink Filigree Ring – donated by Pretty Star Designs – winner is Lakota


All winners will be emailed to confirm their address for prizes to be posted.

More Prize Winners!

Here we go the last of the winners now, apart from one more location specific prize to be announced.

Music Bunting – donated by Grace Favour Home – winner is Helen Carey

Liberty Earrings – donated by One Ten Zero Seven – winner is Twenty Three Two

Necklace – donated by Stars n Scars – winner is Jennie

Necklace – donated by Stars n Scars – winner is Teresa Trimmer

Birthday Bunting & Straws – donated by daisyley – winner is Alison Wren

Brooch – donated by Made By Pin – winner is Michalea Weller

Personalised Card donated by Storeyshop – winner is Stephanie Hughes

Needlecase – donated by Crafts From the Heath – winner is vicky

Printed Tape – donated by Rob Ryan – winner is Lynsey Stephenson

Printed Tape – donated by Rob Ryan – winner is Kellie Black

Soapdish – donated by Studiobarn Argyll – winner is Kathryn Hutchinson

Red Loopy Corsage – donated by 7071 Design – winner is Melanie-Jane Williams

More Prize Winners

It seems I have missed a couple of prizes on the very long list and thank the designer for getting in touch to check.  This is a mammoth task and welcome any of the designers emails to say they haven’t seen their prize winner announced yet, so I can check if it’s been missed.  I have about another 15 prizes to announce but here are a couple I had missed and a location specific one too!


British Summertime Print – donated by Miss Pearl Grey – winner is Rebeca Wood

Cows Print – donated by Miss Pearl Grey – winner is Sarah

A Dozen Cupcakes – donated by Bettie Bakes – winner is Lucy Haste